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Life insurance with real benefits you you can reap.


Everly Life™ helps you protect the people you love, and safely build savings you can use while you’re alive.

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Spoiler: Traditional life insurance plans don’t always end well.

Traditional Term plans offer death coverage, but what happens when you’re still alive and kicking after 20 years? With Everly Life, you know your loved ones are fully protected if your story ends early. But unlike many other plans, Everly Life helps you build savings before you ride into the sunset.

Reach your happy Everly after.

Give yourself a secure way to save for future goals—from starting a business to retiring early (or whatever you want). With Everly Life, your money grows tax-free 1. And in many cases you can access all of your money when you need to without paying taxes on the interest.

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A unicorn pulling a car

Explore how much your protection can also help you save—for life.

Unlike most traditional Term plans, Everly Life helps you build savings with some serious tax advantages.1

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Create a personalized estimate

Create your own personalized estimate

Your protection

Let’s plan your fairy tale ending.

Play with the numbers to see how much you can save while protecting your loved ones.


Why isn’t there a non-binary option? We realize many people don’t identify as male or female—but for legal purposes we have to ask. Hopefully, we can help the industry catch up.

How's your health?

AVERAGE: You’re overweight, and/or suffer from a medical condition.

GOOD: You're generally healthy, but may have a few minor issues.

EXCELLENT: You’re in peak condition with an uneventful medical history.

Do you use nicotine-containing products?

Your coverage amount is how much your beneficiaries would be paid out after a qualifiying event. (Like death!) Choose this amount based on what you believe your loved ones will need.


Your savings

Grow more with a savings goal.

Now that your coverage amount is set, add a little extra money every month for the future.

Monthly savings goal target, added to your payment.

What’s this monthly payment? A savings goal is money you’re “setting aside” each month for later in life. By creating a savings goal you won’t have to worry about finding the money when you need it.


Your estimated pot of gold

How’s this for happy Everly after?


How do I access my savings with Everly Life? We thought you’d never ask! Learn more about accessing your money tax-free.

Apply now to get protection for your loved ones that lasts until you cancel. Plus, start earning 3.35% interest on your savings at the current rate2.

Interest Rate

This is how much your account balance will earn. Compounded annually, that could end up being a lot of extra cash. The current interest rate 2 is at 3.35% now—but it’ll never dip below 1%.

Interest Earned
Cash Saved
Your savings after
20 years for coverage of $100K



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Life insurance made for living.

Everly is here to make life insurance more accessible. Everly Life is issued by Security Benefit, an established life insurer for nearly 130 years.

A knight with the Security Benefit logo on its shield standing over a cliff
A knight with the Security Benefit logo on its shield standing over a cliff